The world is an Examination Hall

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God is a great examiner
We all are students
Life is an answer book
in which we take examination
The world is a Hall
where we all are sitting
So take the examination
the time alloted is only 3hrs
First hour bell rings in the childhood
Second in the youth
And third in the old age
The examination is over
the copy is snatched
Life here comes to an end
do not try to cheat
You can’t receive anyone yourself
You may loose marks
by wasting and writing nothing
So, write down what you know
So that you may not repeat saying
“The paper was lengthy, time was short”
If we fail ,we come back to the same hall
Another new life once more
If we say ,”We go to heaven
and return no more.”

This post was submitted by somesh verma.

Category: Life Poems
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