There’s Nothing

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There’s nothing I can do except be near you.
There’s nothing I can say except ‘let’s run away.’
There’s nothing I want to hear except come here.
There’s nothing I can do except love you.
I love you; I always have and always will.
But your blind and it hurts, so I’ll take some pills.
They ease the pain but only for a little while…
And then you call and I’m laughing and smiling like I used to.
I love these little moments when you seem to make the sun shine.
Its late, we yawn at the same time and that gets us laughing again.
Nothing can ruin this moment except our moms telling us to go to bed.
We have to hang up, you have a paper due and I need some sleep…
Goodbye for now seems like forever to me.
I try to stay away.
I try to hold my tongue.
I try to block out the pretty words you say.
I tried today, I really did.
But…there’s nothing I can do except love you.

This post was submitted by Meg Sohma.

Category: Love Poems
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