This love

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Your touch,
It burns my skin.
Your words,
They burn through my thoughts.

This love,
It’s like a battlefield.
I raise my white flag,
I surrender.

Why do we always fight?
It just creates war.
Why is it always the small things,
that create the most damage?

This love,
It can’t be explained.
Our hearts together?
too strong to be torn apart.

Your touch,
Sends electricity through my veins.
Your words,
They penetrate deep into my soul.

I never meant to hurt you,
I never meant to cause you pain.

I never imagined it would hurt this much,
just to see us fight again.

So up goes my white flag,
and down goes my protective wall.
I open up my heart to you,
i love you even more.

This post was submitted by christine.

Category: Love Poems
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