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Whenever I see towards the sky,
I mostly ask the question why…
Why do all things happen in the world?
Why is it that whether a person is happy or sad can never be told?
Thousands of mind, thousands of question arise,
Still people think to be silent is always wise.
All are aware of the things going around,
But what is right and what is wrong can never be found…
There are a hell lot of problems today,
Are these not enough that terrorism is on its way?
People act as if nothing has taken place,
But there’s a lot of insecurity behind each happy face…
Still fighting among ourselves is hardly of any use,
Cause to be united is what we should choose.
So I pray before going to bed today,
That tomorrow would be a better place to live and I m sure that’s what everyone wants to say…

This post was submitted by Bhakti.

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