Times gone

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Why did you have to go
Its just not the same when your not around
I would start to cry when your name comes to mind
It’s hard for me to think, breathe, or even talk
just knowing you’re not there when I’m awake
it takes sometime to heal
but, i will never forget all those times that we spent
not one memory goes by that i wish we could spend once more
we always played by our rules
and didn’t care who tried to take us down
it was impossible to break our bond
but, then it happened
and you were gone!
11-17-63 to 05-01-00 🙁

This post was submitted by Jaclyn Benko.

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9 Responses

  • holly says:

    Very sweet this is one touching poem I lost my dad 2 yrs ago this is the hardest thing 2 get through put I’ll try

  • ash says:

    omg im sooo sorry for your loss i know its hard to get through i hope you make more touching poems in the meantime

  • jaclyn says:

    Yeah, it’s hard to get through but over time the pain is heeled and it gets harder and harder for for people to tell that he is gone. and ur life becomes like a band aid it covers up the pain but it still hurts:/

  • Shay says:

    I am so sorry hun. It is very touching…. I will pray for you to see happiness but don’t forget those times.

  • Nessa says:

    I’m sorry for your lose Ma.. i lost my dad too, when I was eight years old. I know it’s hard, especially when people around you are talking about their dad. But just know your are not alone in this big/small world, there are other people that feel your pain and suffering. Stay strong and keep your head up..

  • Arayia says:

    I just lost my daddy on 12-18-2010 while he was in Iraq…. It’s hurt me badly he left behind such a great family me 15 my lil sis13 and my brother who just turned 1 month… I miss him a lot and wish he could come back and hold me tight …. I know what this fills like and I never thought I would but I do now……

  • logan donovan says:

    thats touching i never had to lose anyone except my grandma and that was hard i can’t imagine losing my father even if he lives somewhere else and doesn’t like my mom but fathers day is 2 days away and i don’t know what he like cause i never talk to him and he doesn’t support me at all so i have no idea what he likes or doesn’t like

  • breanna says:


  • Amarpal says:

    The poem is good but it should be more better



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