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In my bed,
I view my day.
The things I did
Instead of play
Were nothing much.
Just eat and nap
With the sun streaming down
Landing gracefully upon my face.

I climbed a few trees,
But stopped when I scraped my knees.
I built a lego tower,
In which I told my cat not to devour,
But she did anyway.

My green army men
Had a battle
Against Bionic Puppy,
Who ate their limbs
And some of their heads.
They didn’t damage him much,

i inserted
Int my little sister’s hair,
But then I had to clean it out.

I tried my skateboard
In the living room
But only achieved a few face-plants
And getting grounded for a few weeks.

Now I think
I should have done
A little more of something fun
Like skydiving
Or zip-lining
Or getting a puppy.
But not today.
Today, I simply played.

This post was submitted by Sara.

Category: Child Poems
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