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Trapped inside alone and scared,
Terrified at what comes next.
It could be the broken silence of love,
It could be the time that i say goodbye.
now I tell myself it wants to be a tie.

The love broke in two separate places,
It told me the truth.
its soundless and lonely,
There is nothing to lose.

All the shame and the time,
you told me I wasted.
All the tears and the pain,
oh the lies I have tasted.

You tell me to leave it,
but you don’t say goodbye.
I know i should say it,
But I’d be telling a lie.

Its not like me to act this way,
but now its time to simply say.
Its not that i wanna lose,
its not that I’m letting you go,
But you broke my heart and left it there,
so I think its time,
I think its fair.

Time goes on and it finds something new,
I think it be great for both me and you.

Im sorry to say this,
who should I be ,
Spending my time,
Letting you control me.

This post was submitted by Amber Fisher-Haigh.

Category: Love Poems
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