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She kissed me under the lamp post
A kiss so soft that my lips trembled
I felt her being entering my heart
And my soul wrapping itself around her
Wanting to keep for eternity

Suddenly I was afraid.
I longed for her to be my destiny
But relationships would have to be sacrificed
And Love cannot be sullied with such things,
And then, she was gone.

We both knew it could never be.
She was the Earth and I was the Moon
Orbiting on the outskirts of her Life,
I was always just a tear away.

The years have past
And still she lies deep within my being.
If there is a God, pray grant this Sinner one last request.

When I take my last breath,
Let my Soul find her again,
In a place where time and space have no meaning
And let us be together as one,
And we will welcome eternity, together, as one.

This post was submitted by steven Cooke.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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