True Love Never Fades

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Theres this one kinda love
I’ll always want to be in
the kind that started out slowly
and we ended up more than just friends

Every second of every day
you’re always on your mind
I’ll never want to lose the best thing
that was just so hard to find

Your smile lights up my day
and your laugh is always good to hear
If things will just get better and i could have you in my arms again
I wont have to worry about crying another tear

Theres not much i can do or not much i can say
but i hope that in the end everything will be okay
everyday i miss you and love you more and more
I just wish for things to be the same again just like they were before

I’d give you one more chance just to prove how much i love you
and erase all the things that we’ve already been through
They haven’t been good nor they haven’t been all that bad
its just i don’t want to lose the best thing I’ve ever had.

This post was submitted by Brittany Martin.

Category: Love Poems
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