Undying love

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When i looked into the eyes of my love
i asked him just one thing;
after this all, will you still love me the same?

he sighed and i waited in fear of his reply
he turned his head and asked me “why?”

“Why would you think my love would change?
How could i ever look at you with shame?
You’re the woman i fell in love with
and the girl whose mine alone,
there’s no way i could have anyone else,
your my world, my life, my home.”

I let my head fall so i could hide the tears,
the thought of someone loving me
for all my coming years…

i felt a hand come under my chin,
as he tilted my head up to him
i saw in his eyes what i hoped to see
just a man standing there loving me…

This post was submitted by Kristen.

Category: Love Poems
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