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I am tired and weak, crippled and mourned
I can not take the pressure upon me much more
My body is alive but my heart is torn
It lives as a half without a part of its own
The exhaustion of the pain that can no longer be cured
Causes It to grieve for attention that is never to be heard.
The beats and the thumps of the groaning sounds is the only possible way for the half to be found.
Broken, shattered into thousands of pieces
Damaged the situation but excited the deceives
In a family of five they never took the time
To realize what was happening to the poor girl inside.
Behind her innocent eyes that were filled with only lies
Was a key that unlocked the mystery guide
The key lead to a place that had never been discovered
Just like herself when she heard a thump that relieved not only her, but also one other.

This post was submitted by Chelsea.

Category: Sad Poems
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