Waiting for the bus

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I was waiting at the bus stop
For the number four
But when it finally reached me
It said “Sorry can’t take no more”

I’ve picked up so many passengers
They are hanging out the door
They are sitting three to a seat
And squashed upon the floor

I’ve got old Mavis Trotter
Who’s been out to get her tea
She’s bought up half the supermarket
And takes up six seats you see

And then the United football team
Are crammed in across the back
The coach keeps blowing his whistle
As he swings from the luggage rack

Old Dr Green has trouble walking
Because his patients are far and wide
His bunions are playing up terrible
And there’s a limp in his stride

He’s on his way to the hospital
With Mrs Haycainth Green
Whose son Billy has got chicken pox
And the largest spots you’ve seen

Then there’s the local ballet school
Who are pirouetting in the aisle
Today they are starring in a show
With their teacher Miss Ima V. Agile

I mustn’t forget Mrs Eggerton Pink
Who’s car has broken down
She taking her seven St Bernards
To the vets at the end of town

And finally there is the boat club
Who are going on a weekend trip
They’ve rucksacks are stuffed full
Of things to take on their ship

And so you see we have no room
So please don’t make a fuss
Cos if you wait just a little while
There’ll soon be another bus

This post was submitted by Phyliss.

Category: Funny Poems
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