Wasted life

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Trying to reveal whats in side
because it’s becoming to hard to hide,
Searching for an out stretched hand
because your losing the ground on with u stand.
Trying to hold the those who are close
while fighting that internal host,
When the depressing thoughts start to sink in
that when you realized you’ve lost before it began.
Trying to learn from what needs to be taught
while knowing it’s all your fault,
By the time you font the way out, its to late
how could it be that this is your fate.
You never thought it would be this hard
so this affection had left you scared,
causing u to always be on your guard.
Finally coming to your resting bed
you realized it was all in your head,
So you gain the strength to try and stand
but it is DEATH who takes you by the hand.

This post was submitted by kyle garst.

Category: Life Poems
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