We will miss you

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Mom I understand
that God does have a plan

When God create you, there was a reason.
Someone to love us and care for us
without rhyme or reason.
Now God has come an pluck you at this time
and this season.

Just the other day
the angles came
and took you to heaven where you can
walk dance sing
and breath again So mom
how are those angle wings?

I want you to sing
like you never sang before
I want you to dance
until you can’t dance no more

And when it’s our time
we want to see your face waiting for us at heavens door

So today we are going to celebrate
in everything
that made you great

We love you
and will see you soon
so rember to save us some room

So today we can find peace
And today
you can finely breath……
Thank you so much for loving me.

This post was submitted by Shannell.

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