What is your life really?

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I searched you in nature,
in the depths of the deepest oceans
, in the strongest of all emotions,
on the top of highest mountains,
in every single natural fountain,

But what are you life really?

i looked for you in nature,
around every single green tree, in every single desire to be free,
in the blowing of wind so furiously,
in the rhythm of our breaths we take so gently,

but what are you life really?

i understood you in nature,
by looking at the stars shining so brightly,
in the sparkling eyes of a new born baby,
by looking at slow and fast motion of time,
in the lost fire of an old man dying,

But what are you life really?

i found you in nature, in every flake of pure white snow,
in true warmth of the feelings we usually dont show,
in the dreamers dream i saw you behold,
in the arms of a burning eager soul,

But i still ask what is your life really???

This post was submitted by Mavi.

Category: Life Poems
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