What I Really Mean

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I can’t explain why I do what I do
Why at times my feelings remain unseen
Love drives me to act completely dysfunctional
What I say is hardly what I mean
When something’s not right and you ask me “what’s wrong?”
My answer will always be the same ‘til the end.
I say “nothing”; I know it makes no sense at all
But in my mind I’m saying “ask me again”.
I hang up on you to find out if you care
Enough about me to pick up and call back.
I only threaten to leave because I hope and pray
You’ll stop me dead in my tracks.
I desperately long to be found by you
That’s the only reason I run and hide.
I childishly give you the silent treatment
When really I’m screaming inside.
I roll my eyes to fight back the tears
I only wish that you knew
When I say I don’t need you, I’m fully aware
I could never live a day without you.
I push you away while wishing you’d grab me
Keeping hold of me tightly forever.
And when I tell you I hate you, what I really mean
Is that I love you more than ever.

This post was submitted by Christen Barilotti.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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