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Life is not about yours and mine,
nor it is about living or dying….
dont think life is a game,
or it is just to have fame….
life is not between birth and death,
nor it is hidden in scientific facts..
it is not in the count of beats,
nor it lies in umber of breaths.
dont mislead it as your total time,
coz its not a glass of wine……
life is not a philosophic rhyme,
nor it is a corporate punch line.
now you must be confused,
thinking then what is all this fuss?
life is in a blooming flower,
it is in god’s power…..
life is all about spreading joy,
for what you can do boy…
life is having peace of mind,
by giving smile to a crying eye……
life rests in you and me,
discover it and let it flee……

This post was submitted by Sonal Chaturvedi.

Category: Life Poems
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