When I Miss U

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I stare out of my window hoping you will be there knocking like you did before
Waiting for me to open the door
Sweep me away on your angel like smile
Hold me tight even if it is only for a while

When I miss you I make up stories in my mind of you coming back
together the two of us making the perfect melody
You tell me you never wanted to leave
Me and my stupid fantasies

When I miss you I wonder, why do I love you
when you made me cry?
Then I look back and I remember when
you held me and helped forget

When I miss you I listen to our song
Before I know it I’m singing along
The entire songs lyric’s roll over my lips
Then I miss you again

I will keep you in my heart for a long time
There we will never be apart
I miss you here in my life
I wish you could see me and help me shine

When I miss you I try to forget I once loved you
Don’t want to regret
Losing someone better then you
When I missing you too much

This post was submitted by Anika de kok .

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