When the Poetry Met the Song Writer

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I remember the day you first smiled at me
That’s one of the most beautiful smile I see
‘Coz from that time I looked into your eyes, I found serenity
You always make me proud for the friendship you shared with me…

I remember the day I first tell you I can write poems
I told it to you ‘coz you’re too shy about your songs
I told you not to worry about the people may tell you
‘Coz not all has the ability to do the things you can do…

In you I owed the confidence I have
In just one word you take away my doubt
In every piece I make; the happiness I found
‘Coz this is the only way I have for us to bond…

You set aside writing songs
And tried to explore other things
The things that I didn’t like before
Because of you now I adore…

You start to create your own little monster
You address your self as a monster maker
Maybe it’s weird for those who don’t understand
They can never appreciate it if they never look beyond…

This post was submitted by Kimmy .

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