Who Was He?

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I don’t know what you are to me
I don’t know what you were to me
You were my every instance, my every moment
I don’t understand what type of attraction this is;
I don’t understand what kind of torment it is!
Why can’t I breathe?
Why are these eyes numb?
With you was the sunrise of everyday
With you the hum of evening
Nights were spent lost in thoughts about you
Thinking about you while asleep and awake
Now that you’re not here
What’s happening to me?
Why this feeling of emptiness?
I believed that we were friends
I took friendship for granted!
What kind of new pain is this?
Why does my heart feel like broken?
My heart knew it but
How could I not know that this is LOVE
Whether I accept it or not!
Your heart knew it ;
How could you not know
This right here is LOVE
Whether you accept it or not!!!

This post was submitted by Radhika.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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