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You don’t know a half about whats right
half of its just lies
but there must be a reason to why,
i’m all torn up inside
You use to hold me so tight
now the pictures in my mind,
lead me to remember us that one time,
in the sunshine, i lost sight gazing upon those eyes
now your with another guy
living another life deep in love yet,
i still miss you,
forgetting you i have tried
just cant think through,
why you left me behind

I cant lay eyes on the past
it hurts just to ask,
why, why we didn’t last
was is over from the very start
did i ever hold a place in your heart,
its hard to heal the scars of the past,
the marks hold their place,
we never really got far
and there’s a thin line between love n hate,
but i guess it was just fate.

This post was submitted by Reclusee.

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