Why can’t I stop loving him

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Why do you tell me you like me
Why do you try to care
Why do you turn your back as if I’m not there
I’m sitting right in front of you
I’m trying to let you know
I’m trying to hide my feelings, so that they don’t show

Why cant i just tell you, i don’t even know why
Why do i just sit here and try not to cry
Why do i keep myself hurting, and wishing that i could die
I’m trying to let you go, but its like you keep holding on
I’m just hoping that one day nothing will be wrong

I have it in my head
I have to let it out
I have to just tell you
I have some feelings for you
Why did you turn your head
Why didn’t you tell me about her
Why am i crying
Why does it feel like I’m dying

I wish he would have told me
I wish we could be
I wish i could stop wishing

Why couldn’t he tell me
Why did he lie
Why cant i stop loving him
Why cant i let him be
Why cant he just figure out if he loves me!!!

This post was submitted by rachel allen.

Category: Break Up Poems
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One Response

  • Courtney says:

    i love this poem it relminds me of my friend i love him so much and idk why when i found out a while back when we first met that he had a girlfriend i cried and idk why i did then i knew i had feelings for him and that i loved him well ive seen him go through 3 girlfriends and not one was me then when i found out he just loved me as a friend it hurt me so bad.



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