Why Me?

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I am confused
A Part of me feel abused
But i still want him
The lights of my life are growing dim
I dont know what to do anymore
I just want to close this door
To my heart and let nobody in
But When
I think i got everyone out
i start to doubt
my choice
When i hear his voice
He is my drug im his addict
Im the one he picked
To emotionally abuse
He knows he leaves Bruises
on my heart
I thought i was smart
I thought i wouldn’t end up in a abusive relationship
But i slipped
up somewhere
but when i stare
into his eyes i fall in love all over again
I forget the pain
he gave me
In his arms i feel free
I cant get enough
I like how hes tough
I hate how no matter what he does to me
I can never stop thinking about what can be
I cant stop thinking about his eyes
I dont want to say goodbye
To his lips
the way he holds my hips
when we hug
Hes the “thug”
i’ve been waiting for
i just hope i dont fall to the floor
from this abuse
i dont want to be confused
where our relationship stands
I just hope i can always have his hands
to help me stand back up.

This post was submitted by Jahssi MaRae Parker.

Category: Sad Love Poems
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