With Every Beat

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With every beat of my heart
I hear the words I couldn’t say.
They echo in the darkness
and shine throughout the day.
Thump, thump. I miss you.
I wish that you were here.
Thump, thump. I love you.
I’m happiest when you’re near.

The words that do come out
only hurt us more.
What I should have said was
“You’re the one I’m living for.”
Thump, thump. Please stay.
I need you in my life.
Thump, thump. You’re the one.
I want to be your wife.

I know now that you are gone.
You left and I’m alone.
I’m getting stronger every day,
yet nothing’s set in stone.
Thump, thump. I’m alive.
I’m finally doing alright.
Thump, thump. I still love you.
I still cry for you at night.

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