Without me bleeding

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Its funny how you came so fast,
funnier how you told me we would last.
It was funny how you swept me off my feet,
funnier how you pulled me in so deep.

without the smile upon you face,
you grew cold and made us seem like
a waste of time and my faith.

i tried over and over again to love you,
but it wasn’t the issue,
it was you finally trusting me
and realizing i was not the one for you.
instead of being real you took me down and under.

i just think its so funny
how i thought my life would end with you.
its funnier how i thought you believed in it to.
like the feelings were mutual between us two.

for some reason, i just cant get over you,
maybe it was how you lied til we were through.
how you turned around and asked me t wait for you,
how you took me through the fire and left me to burn without you.

i find it fascinating how you can keep stabbing me in my heart, without me bleeding..

This post was submitted by Chaznique.

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