Without You

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I fell for you too many times
now there’s just too many fines.
Now I know things will never be the same
because to you I am so lame.

I didn’t want to get hurt by you
but I guess that’s all you like to do.
Now it’s time for me to go
and if you want me back i will say no.

You said this would last
but that lie went by too fast.
I guess my friends were right about you
I can’t take it now that my heart is in two.

I’m sick of all the games you play
now i’ll see you some other day.
I knew from the day we met
there were going to be things I can’t forget.

Just because I gave you my heart
doesn’t mean you can break it apart.
And now that all your games are through
I’d like to live my life without you!

This post was submitted by Emily Kelly.

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