Word of Life

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I search for an answer to the word of life
And I come up with no answers to the lies
They say one is happy doing what he likes
But, is it possible to be wrapped up in the strife
Everyday planning, everyday people
Everyday problems that don’t seem to matter
When do we call it enough or throw in the towel
Or do we go through life like it’s a battle
Fighting with each other over senseless things
Or call a truce and go our separate ways?
Do I take the canvas and paint my picture of
What life really means to me? Or, do
I drop the paintbrush and splatter the paint
For is there really truth in life that can
Ease all this pain….of deceit and heartache
I’m sure I will survive this word of life
That when looked at through the eyes of love
There is no lies…..

This post was submitted by Wendy Bumpas.

Category: Life Poems
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