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Your face,your eyes, your hair, your smile
just makes me melt to the ground
I still look back on these two days hoping
someday our eyes will meet, like the other day
All my memories they will never fade I will always have your picture in my head
All of these words that we have said, all of these smiles that we have shed,
just seems Like I saw you yesterday
I m still waiting for that day to come, still waiting to see you again,
still waiting to hold your hand and hear your voice again
I’m still counting down the days
but what if someday we’ll meet and just stare blank at our feet
with no words to come out loud
will just loose our only chance
And all we’ll have is the memory from the past

This post was submitted by Dagiii.

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2 Responses

  • Nica says:

    this is really nice reminds me about my switheart who left me..he left me for some personal reason but i really love him so much..i hope someday we meet again even if he didn’t love me in return..its really sad and hurt my heart so much but i wish to be with him again.

  • Aliaa says:

    simply ur poem made me cryy it’s more than perfect… =)



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