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You hug me and I feel safe,
you kiss me and I never want it to stop,
you hold my hand and my heart begins to race
and sometimes skips a beat.

you hug me from behind and I just melt,
you call me and just hearing your voice makes
me giggle.

you cuddle with me and I feel so comfortable that
I could just lie there and fall asleep,
you kiss my neck and I get the goose bumps
you blow in my ear and it tickles.

you stare at me, looking into my eyes and I know
you care deeply for me,
you ask me what I want to do and I don’t care as
long as it’s with you,
you introduce me to your friends as ” my girl ”
and I feel very special and treasured.

When I get mad or blue, you are there telling me that
everything’s going to be okay now that you are here,
When you talk about ” us “, I always love to hear what
you have to say and I bite my lip,
you are my life and my world and
I wouldn’t trade or change you for the world.
I love you !

This post was submitted by Krystle.

Category: Love Poems
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