You Are Gone But I Still Love You

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Every morning I wake up with the same feeling
And the same knowledge
I hurt every morning, every day
Because I miss you

Your gone now, I know that
So does my heart
And it tears me apart
Because I miss you

Your eyes used to mesmerize me
Now they haunt and hurt me
Your smile used to make my heart pound
Now it kills me inside

Your voice used to be like a lullaby
Now it breaks my heart
Your smell used to calm and soothe me
Now it overwhelms my senses

I know i caused you pain
But nothing could amount to what i feel now
As I sit alone in my dark room
Wishing i would have never said hello

Cuz all I did
Was cause you pain
And heartbreak

Now i sit alone
Alone in the dark
Theres a glint of silver
Then a sharp ache on my wrist

Slowly I feel the warmth
The warmth of my own blood
Dripping down my wrist
Then the ache comes again and again

The red liquid is all over me
My arm my hand my wrist are drenched in it
The knife even drips
With blood flowing from my wrist

I feel light headed and dizzy
A smile falls onto my lips
The knife I held falls from my hand

“I still love you” are the last words I mumble

This post was submitted by Casie.

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