You are No One to Me

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You’re no one to me.
But a mistake.
I’m done with you.
Since long
You have no reason to come back
And steal my thoughts
Just go on
Screw yourself
I made up my mind
Im forget you since long now
Your no one to me
Now I’m done with you
So why don’t you forget me
Leave me to myself
Since you have nothing to do here
Forget my promises
Forget those times
Forget those moments I came to you crying
Forget those thoughts
That we stored in our box
Forget those tears that we shared to spare
Forget those times that we had in mind
Remember those days that we were our own separate ways
Then came those times that we kept in our mind
Just forget all that cause it was a waste of time
Now make up your mind … I dun want to waste my time
Cause baby we weren’t meant to last.
So deal with it

This post was submitted by Sabrina M.

Category: Break Up Poems
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