You Complete Me

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i have a dream one night before
but i did’nt know what it is for
still my life is incomplete
when i remember it was too late
it was only a dream before
so i decided to ask for more

i ask god for happiness god gave me you
i ask god for someone to love
but in my dreams he sent me his angel without knowing it”s you

still i feel something is missing
still i feel something
because i want to love someone who care
and to love a person real

but i dont know if its just a dream or it is true
because i cant simplify it the way i wanted to
so i ask him for someone to talk to
and my questions has been answered when he sent me YOU

now i have nothing to ask
i have nothing to say
because since you arrive

This post was submitted by SHIEBY ARANGOTE.

Category: Love Poems
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