You wernt even there !

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You knew what you were doing !
When you were sat there with your friends
I needed someone to protect me and love me 
But how would you know ! You were never there 

you had your chance you were given it fair
I bet you didn’t know that I’ve got your blonde hair
you probably didn’t notice you probably didn’t care
how could you ? You weren’t even there

I wished you could have seen me grow up
what a young lady I can be
but you loved drugs more how stupid could you not see ?
That you tore my life apart so much I care nt bare
you wouldn’t even know ! You weren’t even there

your still my dad I still cry every night 
but what you put me through your not worth the fight
I never got to say I went to my dads to play
I didn’t know where you went I didn’t know how you looked 
but you don’t care you weren’t even there .!

But your gone and I’ve missed the chance to say goodbye
you stupid man why oh why
you had your whole life ahead 
but you choose drugs to ruin your life and now your dead
but I guess I wouldn’t know I wasn’t allowed to be there.

This post was submitted by Lost in the world.

Category: Sad Poems
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