Your Child (Stop Child Abuse)

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No child deserves to be hurt
No child deserves to cry
To be hit, broken, or harmed
A child is meant to be loved
Treated with passion not hate
Abusing someone is wrong
Who would think it’s right
Someone who’s cold hearted
And doesn’t think straight
Don’t put your hands on a child
They did nothing wrong
They provided loved
You provided hate
Hug your child
Don’t punch them
Kiss your child
Don’t smack them
This is your child
Treat them like one
Instead of a doll
That you just throw around
That you hit and beat
Like it’s fun and games
How would you like it
if you were treated like this
Just like your child
Who’s nothing but innocent
Your child doesn’t deserve this
Love is all it takes
Not a hit to the face
Or a kick in the side
No hair to be pulled
Or skin to be sliced
Your child deserves
to be put in a better place
And not with someone like you.

This post was submitted by Yesenia Pinedo.

Category: Child Poems
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