All wise men were fools before.

Submitted by: Nyabuk Nteyoho

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  • A wise man thinks for himself a fool let others speak for him. A Fool Follows Others But A Wise...
  • A wise man never speaks of how wise he is but shows it. A fool tells of how wise he...
  • Fooling a wise man is wisdom, fooling a fool is foolishness.
  • You must learn from the wise so that you become a wise person, and you must learn from the fool...
  • A truly wise man will learn more from a foolish question, than a true fool will learn from a wise...
  • A wise man learns more from a foolish question, than a fool learns from a wise answer.
  • Wise is the man who knows he is a fool.
  • Those who think they are wise are fools, and fools are only as wise as they think.
  • A word to the wise is not necessary. It is the fool that needs it.
  • Fooling others doesn’t make you wise.
  • A fool is a wise man in training!
  • To be wise is to be a fool with experience.
  • Fools are those who don’t listen to the wise. Wise are those who don’t listen to the fools.
  • The wise does at once what the fool does at last. – Baltasar Gracian
  • Those who are fools say nothing to be said. Those who can be taught say things others have said. Those...

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