Baby your face look familiar, are you my guiding angel?

Submitted by: Chivesk

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  • So I sent angels to watch over you while you sleep, but the angels came back and told me “Angels...
  • BOY: Can I know your name please? GIRL: No! BOY: Pardon me, I forgot, angels don’t have names…only beautiful faces,right?
  • I got hit on with this line… boy: You look familiar, what is your name? girl: funny I’ve never seen...
  • Are you a tour guide? can you show me the right way to yo ur heart..
  • Did I die and go to heaven, or do you just look like an angel?
  • I think heaven lost an angel
  • Have I died and gone to heaven? – No why?- Because I just saw my first angel!!!
  • Anybody know God’s number? Cos he’s got a missing angel.
  • If I could choose which angel to transport me to heaven, it would be you.
  • The devil sent me to bring an angel to him, but when I saw you, I never went back.
  • Heaven just called,they said an angel is missing
  • I want to call heaven, they dropped an angel
  • Somebody call heaven cause we’ve found the missing angel.
  • God lost an angel.. Shhhh, I didn’t tell him where you were cos I want to keep you forever in...
  • Heaven must be missing an angel tonight because you’re right here on earth.

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