Death with dignity is better than life with humiliation.


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  • Dignity of human nature requires that we must face the storms of life. – Mahatma...
  • The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the best...
  • Dignity has no price, when someone starts making small concessions, in the end, life loses...
  • Every life deserves a certain amount of dignity, no matter how poor or damaged the...
  • When you lose, lose with dignity. When you win, win with dignity too.
  • No matter what they take from me they can’t take my dignity.
  • The dignity of man is in free choice. – Max Frisch
  • Dignity is the mother of good manners.
  • Only man has dignity; only man, therefore, can be funny. – Ronald Knox
  • Freedom is the right to one’s dignity as a man. – Archibald MacLeish
  • Poverty won’t allow him to lift up his head; dignity won’t allow him to bow...
  • I may forget my dignity, but you may not. – Mason Cooley
  • No dignity without distance. – Mason Cooley
  • We all need to treat each other with human dignity and respect. – Madonna
  • Dignity is the reward of obeying your heart. – Wes Fesler

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