Diplomacy is the art of saying “Nice Doggie” until you can find a rock.
Will Rogers


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  • Diplomacy is thinking twice before saying nothing.
  • The gateway to compromise is not war, yet communication and diplomacy.
  • Diplomacy is the art of letting someone have your way. – Daniele Vare
  • Diplomacy is telling someone to “Go to Hell” in such a way, that they look...
  • To say nothing, especially when speaking, is half the art of diplomacy. – Will Durant
  • Diplomacy never works. – Nadia Scrieva
  • Diplomacy is the art of telling plain truths. – Winston Churchill
  • When diplomacy ends, War begins. – Adolf Hitler
  • All war represents a failure of diplomacy. – Tony Benn
  • diplomacy, n.: The patriotic art of lying for one’s country. – Ambrose Bierce
  • It is a principle of diplomacy that one must know something of the truth in...
  • Diplomacy: The business of handling a porcupine without disturbing the quills.
  • Diplomacy is to do and say The nastiest thing in the nicest way. – Bisaac...
  • In the world of diplomacy, some things are better left unsaid. – Lincoln Chafee
  • Diplomacy is a game of chess in which the nations are checkmated. – Karl Kraus

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