Does absence make the heart grow fonder. Or more comfortable with the absence?

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  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder… or forgetful. – James Matthew Barrie
  • Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but presence makes the bond stronger.
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it sure makes the rest of you lonely. – Charles M. Schulz
  • I miss you too much. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but it also makes it break; it...
  • Always make your absence felt, in such a way that somebody misses you, but let not your absence be so...
  • Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don’t strive to make your presence...
  • If your presence didn’t make an impact, your absence won’t make a difference.
  • There is a hole in the heart called absence. You live in it my dear. – Malak El Halabi
  • But the absence of tears wasn’t the same as an absence of feeling. – Lisa Kleypas
  • If someone doesn’t appreciate your presence, make them appreciate your absence.
  • If your presence can’t add value to my life, your absence will make no difference either.
  • Absence is not forever, but it teaches us to cherish the moments we have and make the most of them.
  • Strive not to make your presence noticed, but your absence felt.
  • In the hope to meet Shortly again, and make our absence sweet. – Ben Jonson

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