Don’t take what people say about you, Take what you say about yourself.
I’ll be the light in the darkness, When you lose your way.
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, because the book might be thinking the same thing.
The only person you were meant to be is yourself, unless yourself is an other person.
Try not to loss your temper, or your temper will loss you.
Dieing is sad to some people, but to others it is just another way of life.
The only time you have wasted, is the time it toke you to read this.
The people who bully you, are just people you can bully back in another life.
Some people cry, others die, and some think it about it all, way to much.
If the movies show that it’s easy to find true love, why haven’t I found it yet?

Submitted by: Xx Katerina xX

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