Every finishing line is the beginning of a new race. Don’t lose hope.

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  • Don’t look back to the beginning, look forward for the finish line.
  • Take the race and don’t look back until you get to the finish line. And when you look back, smile...
  • Keep your eyes on the finish line and not on the turmoil around you. – Rihanna
  • If I’d had some set idea of a finish line, don’t you think I would have crossed it years ago?...
  • After every dark situation, there can only be a clearing dawn and the sun shall shine on you too. Never...
  • Never lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever. – Roy Bennett
  • A true success does not come easily. It comes with a lot of obstacles. If you lose hope your life...
  • For you to finish first, you must first finish!
  • It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.
  • Cowards never start. The weak never finish. Winners never quit.
  • My race never ends unless I win. – Leonardo DiCaprio
  • You can learn a line from a win and a book from a defeat. – Paul Brown
  • Teachers and loved ones can draw the lines to your life, but you have to color it in with every...
  • To every end, there’s a new beginning!
  • The expert in anything was once a beginner.

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