Fight till the last gasp.
William Shakespeare


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  • If crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight? – George Carlin
  • Be brave. Don’t just live in your cave till your grave. – RVM
  • Be scared. You can’t help that. But don’t be afraid. – William Faulkner
  • You might be a firefighter if your kids are afraid to get into water fights with you.
  • Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die. – Herbert Hoover
  • Your goodness is impediment in your way, so let your eyes be red with anger, and try to fight the...
  • It takes more courage to send men into battle than to fight the battle yourself. – Colin Powell
  • That’s the life, being a fireman. It sure beats being a ballplayer. I’d rather be a fireman. – Ted Williams

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