Friend: Hey it’s been a long time.
Me: I know and I’d love to keep it that way.

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  • A friend of mine: Do you think I am funny? Me: yeah, every time I look at you.
  • Even your mom loves you only as a friend !!!
  • Wow! I’m impressed how long you are able to live without a brain.
  • Scientists are trying to figure out how long human can live without a brain. You can tell them your age.
  • Don’t flatter yourself I was looking at your friend.
  • Dear so and so, Remind me why we are friends again I don’t even like you.
  • O’ you remind me of my Chinese friend …Ug Lee
  • No pets allowed in the Hotel! Why did your friend bring you?
  • I understand why your girl friend is reluctant to kiss you.
  • I was dropped on my head as a baby. But you, my friend, you were clearly flung against a wall!
  • Ever looked in a mirror? Oh, wait. You broke them all. God loves stupid people and he especially loves you.
  • You make me want to eat s*** every time I see you.
  • Last time I checked I didn’t ask for your opinion.
  • I love your smile cos I love yellow.
  • Please remind me again, what time do your senses return?

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