Grasses never give up, why should you? Have you ever cut grass? Do you know it pains them so much that there re being cut, just the same way it pains you when you try something and it didn’t work. But there is something I admire so much about grasses’ which is, there never stop grow no mater how many time we cut them: so if grasses never stop growing, why should you stop trying? I dare you today to start behaving like grasses, stop quitting, stop giving up, stop staying never, stop regretting, stop saying I’m tired, stop saying I can’t do it any more. Cause grasses never stop growing no mater how many times there been cut’ so why should you stop trying. Same goes for the rivers, no mater how people swim, cross and distract the rivers; they never stop flowing: even when it stops raining and the rivers get dried up, as soon as it start raining the rivers will start flowing again they never give up. So I dare you today to start doing the same, never give up no mater what.

Submitted by: nathaniel naatan

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