Here are a few quotes I made to get through a breakup.:)
A piece of me will always love you. A piece of me will always tell me not to. I am torn between following my heart and listening to my mind.
No matter what you do, the pain I feel will always be the same; the tears I shed will always be a lost cause.
It was me that looked you in the eyes; who never told you lies. It was me who was there; who cared. It was always me who was true to you, never forget that.
I follow my heart, and it steers me wrong I listen to my gut and it ruins the trust I try to understand, but you push me away.
How can you look into my eyes and say you don’t believe, if I was right there holding your hand, facing all your fears?
Sometimes its hard to tell when to let go of someone you once held so close, since the answer is not always black or white, there are shades of gray too.
I will find a way to cope, even if it kills me, I will have hope, even if I have to flee.
Hope you enjoyed them:) and hope they helped you a little.:)

Submitted by: TWINKLEBEE

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