If someone ignores you, I believe this is the right time, give a pause and start respecting your own life, they are not worth your attention, definitely they are the biggest looser, let the time teach them their lesson ignoring someone so nice and loving.

Submitted by: Zuviere Mamgain

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  • Don’t waste your time seeking validation from those who choose to ignore you, you are worthy and deserving of love...
  • Ignore the ignorance of those who choose to overlook your worth.
  • While you’re IGNORING her someone else is BEGGING for her attention.
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  • Being ignored is a form of rejection, but it’s also an opportunity to re-evaluate who you are giving your time...
  • Each time you ignore me, I regret every text message that I’ve ever sent you.
  • I’m so talented. I can listen to music and ignore you at the same time.
  • The only reason my husband spends time with me is so he can ignore me in person.
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  • If you ignore me when I need you, I’ll be the person who will ignore you when you are helpless.
  • I really wish that I could ignore the fact that you’re ignoring me.
  • Ignore me? Okay that’s cool, just don’t be mad when I ignore you.
  • Hate being ignored by someone I want attention from…
  • Being ignored by someone whose attention means the world to you is the worst feeling.

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