I’m a thief, and I’m here to steal your heart. Is that ok?

Submitted by: Zoe-Jayne

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  • Man, this place is great. It’s just __ minutes into the day an I’m already talking to the hottest girl...
  • Boy: Hey do you know where my heart is? Girl: Yeah? Boy: Oh! So you did steal it!
  • You’ve been charged in court for stealing my heart, trespassing in my dreams, and robbing me of my senses. You’ve...
  • What is your height? How did you fit in my heart?
  • Are you a bank? If you are let me deposit my heart to you.
  • Leave your apartment! There’s no rent in my heart.
  • Can you give me directions…to your heart?
  • You must be a robber cuz you stole my heart33
  • You are the gold medal that got my heart racing.
  • GIRL!!!!!!!!! What? Give me my heart back
  • The police are looking for you to arrest you. Why? Cos you stole my heart.
  • Boy: Where did you hide it? Girl: What? Boy: My heart that you stole.
  • Are you a tour guide? can you show me the right way to yo ur heart..
  • Would you please empty your pockets… I think you just stole my heart?
  • Excuse me sweetheart, I need directions… (where?)”to your heart”

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