It’s funny how not even the person you thought was closest to you can tell that you struggle to put a fake smile across your face everyday. That they actually think you’re truly happy when in reality the only thing you feel like dong is crying. It’s funny how the person you know became the person you knew and the long hours and hours of conversations with them turned in to an awkwardness as you pass them by the corridors having to pretend like their existence means nothing to you while they don’t seem to struggle with it at all. It’s just hard sometimes having nothing but memories but I guess you don’t know whether to cry at the fact you mean nothing to him, or smile at the thought of his arms that once held you so close, so tight and simply made you feel protected. And you never thought that it would be your protector that hurts you. But I guess these things happen in order to make you stronger.

Submitted by: Naomi

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