Listen to me please; I wake up every day hoping that someday things would change but knowing that I would be the one to change my life. I go through the motions like it was nothing but hoping someone would see me the real me. Not someone that they think they see. I don’t know who I can confine in. I don’t know what is keeping me from being kind. I don’t know when I can trust someone. I don’t know where I can find myself.

I don’t know why I feel the need to hide. I don’t know how I can truly save myself. I don’t know how I can let the real me come out. Is it because I am afraid or is it because I am just weak? I shut out all of my emotions. So that I can function “properly” and live a normal life but, what is normal there is no such thing as normal is there?

Doing so is not enough anymore I want to break out, I want to make someone listen, I want to try to make someone understand what I am feeling. But I am afraid, why am I so afraid? Why can’t I trust people anymore? Is it because once I trust someone, they always end up letting me down. Why can’t I make someone listen?

Are you hearing me? Why don’t you listen to me? Why can’t I make you understand? The pain I am feeling every day, the suffering that I am in. I just don’t want to always be sad. I want someone to save me from this misery I call my life.

Are you there? Are you listening? Do you understand now? How I feel? How I can I possibly save myself? I tell myself it would get better but, lately it just gotten worse. I wondering will I see the light again? Will you help me? I am asking you to help me, please help me please. Before it’s all too late.

Submitted by: punk rocker chic the unspoken girl

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  • From a Busybody says:

    Really, what makes this fellow so sad? Life is not misery, learn to love life and learn to express oneself without caring what others would and will say. Too much a time, people are putting on their masks that they lost their real true self. Be what you are, do what one wants to do. For life is short and one will regret having for the whole life living behind a cave, a shell or a mask. Treasure each day and learn to be happy. No point being sad. Think things positively, one cannot change the external environment but can change one’s mindset. Be positive and life is not so sad as one may think.

  • punk rocker chic says:

    Busybody I want to thank you for replying but, you have to understand what I been through to make me into the person that I am. The person that is so very sad that tries as she might to break off this mask of hers. Is still suffering in pain I feel lonely each and every day even when I am surrounded by people. I feel like I am nothing more but a burden to all those around me and you prove my point I am a burden to you because here you are trying to reach out to me trying to give me a life line. But here I am still not trusting what you have to say.

    Life is misery and it is pain but it is also happiness and it is joy but my misery is overtaking my joy. I do believe I lost my real self along the way. Whether or not I can find her is another story to tell.
    I live each day wondering if it would be my last, thinking if I were to die would my life have meaning. Had I done enough? When I was little I was innocent and kind but that lead to me being overused. Then I was mean and frightening, scaring every living thing but that lead to emptiness. Afterwards, I tried to pick up the pieces, by helping those who needed helped. Caring for those who needed caring, just being there for someone that needed someone to hear them out. But after all of that did anyone really cared for me did anyone ask me if I was fine and didn’t believe it? Either way it seems I was always left behind left in the darkness of my pity. I try to be positive and I even try breaking off this mask but like I said I still feel that it is not enough.

  • I am not says:

    I know how you feel. You are not alone no matter how much you feel like you are, there is a whole world of people feeling just like you. Be sad but do not let it rule your life-you cannot trust your feelings so let it go. There are people out there who care about you I promise you that. You are loved. If I have learnt one thing it’s that there is always something to live for, no matter who you are. Things will happen that break your trust and you may feel that no one cares but someone does. Be who you are but be forgiving and kind, being closed off will only hurt you further. Come to things with an open mind and be yourself-you never know, the mask may fall off itself. You may not want to hear me, may not want to trust me but know that I am praying for you. I hope things are better, God bless you


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