Over the hill. Never, just on top enjoying the view.

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  • You are not over the hill. You are on top of it and the view is magnificent.
  • You may not be over the hill yet, but you have a great view!.
  • It’s better to be over the hill than 6 feet under it!
  • It’s better to be over the hill than to buried under it.
  • Over the hill, jumping the gun, look out suckers, here I come!
  • 50 – Over the Hill and Pickin’ Up Speed!
  • When you are over the hill you pick up speed!
  • Just remember, once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed.
  • Birthdays are like girlfriends, they come and go- unless you enjoy them.
  • OMG!!!! It’s your birthday! Have a blast and I hope you enjoy your day. P.S Try not to think about...
  • A birthday is just another 365 days around the sun. Enjoy the trip.

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